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Frequently Asked Questions  

Post-column FAQs

Which HPLC is compatible with Pickering post-column instruments?

The Pinnacle PCX and the Vector PCX can be used with any current HPLC brand.

What is the difference between the Pinnacle and the Vector?

The Pinnacle has a syringe style pump where the Vector has a reciprocating pump. The syringe pump used in the Pinnacle refills after each injection, so it requires an injection signal via relay cable between the HPLC and Pinnacle. If you are using an Agilent HPLC with Chemstation, no relay cable is required. The injection signal is received directly from the Chemstation software. The Pinnacle requires software where the Vector does not.

The Vector has no column heater where the Pinnacle has a column heater capable of temperature gradients. The column temperature gradient has been utilized in Amino Acid methods to reduce run times. If you use the Vector PCX, a column heater must be provided by the HPLC.  PCX Brochure >>

What operating system do I need to run the Pinnacle Control Software?

The Pinnacle Control Software is compatible with Windows XP and newer.  Pinnacle site requirements >>

What are the Pinnacle site requirements?  Pinnacle site requirements >>

What are the Vector site requirements?  Vector Site requirements >>

What is the flow direction of my analytical column?

The flow direction goes from left to right with the lettering on the column.

How do I store the column?

Most of the time, the storage solution of the analytical column is 100% regenerant. Please refer to the column insert found in the column box to find the most up to date column information.

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Artificial Perspiration FAQs

What is the difference between stabilized and non-stabilized Artificial Perspiration?

Stabilized artificial perspiration contains a preservative to prevent fungal and bacterial growth and can be stored at room temperature. Non-stabilized artificial perspiration does not contain a preservative and must be kept frozen and shipped next day to ensure freshness.

Can I use Pickering Laboratories Artificial Perspiration for my product testing?

Our Artificial Eccrine Perspiration is designed to closely match human eccrine perspiration. It is used in a variety of different markets for product testing. Some testing protocols call for their own version of artificial perspiration. For example, ISO 3160 calls for a special version of test sweat solution. In this case you can purchase our ISO 3160 Artificial Perspiration. To comply with the ISO method, no preservative is added and the ISO 3160 Artificial Perspiration must be kept frozen and shipped next day.

Can I get an Artificial Perspiration solution with a custom pH?

Yes, we can make our Artificial Perspiration from pH 3.0 9.0.

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