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Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Analysis

Please enter the required Part Number in the search box below or scroll down the page. Click on the Part Number’s Folder and then click on the PDF that corresponds with the required Lot Number.

Please note that the page is indexing a large number of CoA files in real-time, so it may take a few moments before the list is fully populated and searchable.

TypePart NumberDate ModifiedSize

012506C Lot 002006 10:00 am 04/13/2021160.6k

012506C Lot 007003 10:00 am 04/13/2021157.9k

012506C Lot 307038 10:00 am 04/13/202145.7k

012506C Lot 607022 10:00 am 04/13/202146.4k

012506C Lot 706002 10:00 am 04/13/202146.5k

012506C Lot 807028 10:00 am 04/13/202150.1k



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Open for Business: COVID-19 Update

With the increasingly lengthy disruptions to daily life caused by COVID-19, Pickering Laboratories, Inc. wants to continue reassuring our customers that we remain open for business this summer.  We continue to maximize support for our customers and provide essential businesses with the reagents and supplies necessary to operate, including hospitals, clinical laboratories, food safety and environmental testing facilities.

Our inventory levels and response times remain normal.  Responsiveness is subject to change and new orders still may need to be prioritized accordingly to supply essential businesses. 

Thank you for your patience and for your business as we continue to work together through this difficult time.  Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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