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Glyphosate Testing UpdatesPickering Laboratories Presents New Products at PITTCON 2017—We will be highlighting new applications and products…Read More more-arrow

Glyphosate Testing UpdatesGlyphosate Banned in France and Labeled a Carcinogen in California—Events surrounding Glyphosate testing in foods continue…Read More more-arrow

The North American Chemical Residue Workshop (NACRW)Post-column Method for Analysis of Theanine in Tea—The analytical method was developed in response to call for methods issued by Stakeholders Panel for Dietary Supplements…Read More more-arrow

The Supply Side International Trade Shows & Conferences  NACRW 2017 Student Scholarships—NACRW will be offering five, $500 student stipends to travel to the NACRW 2017 Conference…More more-arrow


Aflatoxins in FeedsLegacy of Guaranteed Chemistry—As most of you have already learned, our founder and friend Dr. Michael Pickering has passed away. He leaves a legacy…Read More more-arrow


community3Chromatography Quiz #26: Shifting Retention Times–Carbamates—A new Chromatography Quiz and the results from the previous challenge…Read More more-arrow



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Glyphosate Testing UpdatesGlyphosate Testing Updates Pickering Laboratories provides updates on the new developments in food testing and the beginning of FDA participation in testing for Glyphosate residues in food….Read More more-arrow

Pickering Labs Celebrates the Holiday Season.FDA Announces New Glyphosate Testing in Food Maria Ofitserova reports on the growing concern about Glyphosate in foods…Read More more-arrow

larger_spring16Rebecca Smith unveils larger, cost saving sizes for our popular Pickering Test Solutions product line…Read More more-arrow

april2New Instructions on how to clean and reassemble the over-pressure relief valve cartridge.  Read More more-arrow

www-iconOur Materials Safety Data Sheets and product labels have been updated.    Read More more-arrow

april4New Method Abstract MA 249 describes a fast and sensitive method for analysis of Fumonisins…Read More more-arrow


may3Pickering Laboratories Releases "Artificial Perspiration Buyers Guide"   Read More more-arrow


sept-4Pickering Laboratories Tecnical Support releases a new PCX maintenance video   Read More more-arrow


test-iconPickering Laboratories releases test solutions website   Read More more-arrow 




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ap2Artificial Perspiration  The artificial Eccrine Sweat we offer is a stabilized, ready to use solution. It consists of the 19 amino acids, the seven most abundant minerals and the four most abundant metabolites at a pH of 4.5. All concentrations closely match experimentally determined values for adult human Eccrine Sweat. Custom formulations are available on request.    Read More more-arrow

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