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Glyphosate Testing UpdatesLatin-American Pesticide Residue Workshop 2017David Mazawa and Rebecca Smith in the 6th Annual Workshop…Read More more-arrow

The North American Chemical Residue Workshop (NACRW)Pittcon and Presenting Product Testing! As we have for the last 30 years, Pickering Laboratories exhibited as the leader in Post-Column applications and technology…Read More more-arrow

The Supply Side International Trade Shows & Conferences Cannabis Research and Resulting Poster and Application Note Pickering Laboratories has developed a new post-column derivatization method to analyze cannabinoids in cannabis plants and cannabis-containing edible products…More more-arrow



community3Chromatography Quiz #27: Only AMPA — A new Chromatography Quiz and the results from the previous challenge…Read More more-arrow



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Aflatoxins in FeedsLegacy of Guaranteed Chemistry Our founder and friend Dr. Michael Pickering has passed away…Read More more-arrow

Glyphosate Testing UpdatesGlyphosate Banned in France and Labeled a Carcinogen in California—Events surrounding Glyphosate testing in foods continue…Read More more-arrow


The North American Chemical Residue Workshop (NACRW)Post-column Method for Analysis of Theanine in Tea—The method was developed in response to call for methods issued by Stakeholders Panel for Dietary Supplements…Read More more-arrow

larger_spring16Pickering Laboratories unveils larger, cost saving sizes for our popular Pickering Test Solutions product line…Read More more-arrow

april2New Instructions on how to clean and reassemble the over-pressure relief valve cartridge.  Read More more-arrow

sept-4Pickering Laboratories Tecnical Support releases a new PCX maintenance video   Read More more-arrow





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ap2Artificial Perspiration  The artificial Eccrine Sweat we offer is a stabilized, ready to use solution. It consists of the 19 amino acids, the seven most abundant minerals and the four most abundant metabolites at a pH of 4.5. All concentrations closely match experimentally determined values for adult human Eccrine Sweat. Custom formulations are available on request.    Read More more-arrow

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