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Reagents, Diluents & Sample Preparation Solutions

A bottle of TRIONE®Reagents, Diluents & Sample Preparation Solutions

Pickering Laboratories Reagents & Chemicals are specially prepared to meet the demanding requirements of high-sensitivity pre- and post-column HPLC derivatization methods.


TRIONE® Ninhydrin Reagent

Chromatographic Grade™ for automated post-column derivatization of primary and secondary amines.  More more-arrow

o-Phthalaldehyde (OPA)

Chromatographic Grade™ for automated post-column derivatization of primary aminesMore more-arrow

Naphthalene-2, 3-Dicarboxaldehyde

Chromatographic Grade™ for derivati-zation of primary amino groupsMore more-arrow


Chromatographic Grade™ for postcolumn analysis of polyether antibioticsMore more-arrow


p-Dimethylamino-benzaldehyde (DMAB)

Chromatographic Grade™ for post-column analysis of sulfa drugs in feed and animal tissues. More more-arrow


Chromatographic Grade™ for automated post-column derivatization of primary amines.  More more-arrow

o-Phthalaldehyde (OPA) Diluent

Chromatographic Grade™ for preparation of o-Phthalaldehyde reagents.  More more-arrow


Chromatographic Grade™ reagents for the preparation of native samples for amino acid analysisMore more-arrow


Hydrolysis Reagent CB130 & CB130.2

Chromatographic Grade™ reagent applied to the first stage of post-column carbamate derivatization. More more-arrow

Hypochlorite Diluent

Chromatographic Grade™ oxidizing reagent for post-column Glyphosate Herbicide AnalysisMore more-arrow

ChlorAC™ Buffer

Chromatographic Grade™ for preservation of aqueous carbamate samplesMore more-arrow


Chromatographic Grade™ for removal of metal ion contamination and to restore proper ion balance.  More more-arrow


Li220 & Na220

Chromatographic Grade™ samples and standards diluents for amino acid analysis.  More more-arrow