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Chromatographic Grade™ Samples and Standards Diluents for Amino Acid Analysis

Use of these diluents is essential to ensuring reproducibility from injection to injection. They establish a uniform pH and ion concentration at the outset, regardless of the source and pre-treatment of the sample. The sample is maintained buffered and at optimum pH for sample storage and analysis.

Use Li220 for prepared physiological samples and to dilute amino acid calibration standards for use with Lithium columns and buffers. Use Na220 for hydrolysate samples and to dilute amino acid calibration standards for use with Sodium columns and buffers.



Pricing & Ordering


Pricing & Ordering

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Lithium Diluent, pH 2.36, 4 x 250 mL

case (4 x 250 mL/bottle)


Sodium Diluent, pH 2.20, 4 x 250 mL

case (4 x 250 mL/bottle)








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