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Pickering Laboratories' Vector PCX workstationVector PCX Support

All post-column systems manufactured by Pickering Laboratories are fully supported with expert technical service. They are backed by a one year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Ion-exchange columns are warranted for 90 days.

Vector Users Manual

Vector Site Requirements 

Pickering Laboratories Technical Support
800-654-3330, 650-694-6700, or


Installation and Training

Installation and Training

We encourage you to take advantage of Pickering Laboratories’ individualized two or three-day installation and training courses. For an all-inclusive fee we can provide post-column system installation and training at your site by an experienced chemist from Pickering Laboratories. The training includes performing analyses, routine maintenance and troubleshooting, and chromatogram interpretation.

Some of our authorized distributors offer their own training and installation services. Pickering has trained many local service engineers, and supports them fully on behalf of our distributors and re-sellers.

Whenever you buy installation and training by Pickering Laboratories, please call Technical Support early to schedule our visit to your site. This is especially important if you buy installation through a distributor, because we need to hear all the details directly from you. (Sometimes our distributors forget to tell us vital information like names, telephone numbers and delivery dates.)

Individually-tailored courses are also given at our facility in Mountain View, California. Please telephone or fax with your requirements, and we will advise cost and schedule.

Instructional PowerPoint – Operation of the Vector PCX

        Click here to view the 7 minute instructional video on YouTube.


Quick links to Vector PXC resource material:

        Vector Users Manual

        Vector Site Requirements



Keep your Vector PCX in good condition and minimize downtime by performing annual maintenance. Performing Preventative Maintenance on your Vector PCX is easy to accomplish with the Kits and Instruction we provide. Refer to the Maintenance Section of the Pinnacle Manual for details on performing the maintenance.

Below you can find a general maintenance schedule. Your maintenance schedule will depend on usage. If you use the Pinnacle PCX 24×7, you may want to perform the Preventative Maintenance more often.

Maintenance Schedule

Routine Maintenance:

  • Check for leaks every day
  • Replace flush and piston wash reservoirs every week
  • Record operating pressures in a daily log book

Preventative Maintenance:

  • Replace pump seals every 12 months
  • Replace the 10um and 0.5um frits every 3 months or if you see an increase of 200 psi reagent pump pressure
  • Change the tubing every 24 months

Instructional PowerPoint – Vector Preventative Maintenance

        Click here to view a Vector maintenance presentation (PDF)


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Parts Lookup


Elite Service Plans

Elite Service Plans

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