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TRIONE® Ninhydrin Reagent


img-rc-tnrTRIONE® Ninhydrin Reagent

Chromatographic Grade™
A prepared Reagent for Automated Post-column Derivatization of Primary and Secondary Amines

TRIONE® Ninhydrin reagent is specially formulated for amino acid analysis. It contains Ninhydrin, Hydrindantin (reduced Ninhydrin), a Lithium Acetate buffer, and Sulfolane, a water-miscible organic solvent. The solvent is necessary to maintain the solubility of both the Hydrindantin and the primary amine product, Ruhemann’s Purple. The buffer is required because the reaction is pH dependent. The active ingredients—Ninhydrin and Hydrindantin are required for proper development of secondary and primary amines, respectively.

TRIONE® is so stable that is does not require refrigeration, either in shipment, storage, or in the reservoir. Quantitation is consistent from the first to the last mL, so there is no waste. The high signal-to-noise ratio of TRIONE®, when compared to DMSO-containing reagents, permits detection sensitivity to be increased with minimum increase in background noise — a feature particularly appreciated at sample concentrations of <50 picomoles.

Two Preparations are available to suit your usage and storage requirements:

T100 AND T100C

  • Pour into your reservoir and use; the ultimate in convenience with a minimum of handling
  • 4-month* shelf life


  • Combine two solutions, swirl, and use
  • 12-month* shelf life before mixing preparation; one month in the reservoir


* From date of manufacture



Pricing & Ordering


Pricing & Ordering


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TRIONE® Ninhydrin Reagent (3-month* shelf life), each (950 mL/bottle)

each (each (950 mL/bottle)/bottle)


TRIONE® Ninhydrin Reagent (3-month* shelf life), each of 4 (950 mL/bottle)

each (each of 4 (950 mL/bottle)/bottle)


TRIONE® Two-part Ninhydrin Reagent (12-month* shelf life before mixing), to prepare case of 4 (900 mL/bottle)

each (to prepare case of 4 (900 mL/bottle)/bottle)

* From date of manufacture






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