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Chemicals, Columns, Methods & Instruments

Guaranteed Chemistry

Pickering Laboratories, Inc. makes it easier for laboratories to analyze difficult to detect compounds very specifically and reproducibly. In doing so, we are guided by a simple vision: Guaranteed Chemistry.

We offer complete packages of chemicals, columns, methods and post-column instruments. Because each part of the method is designed to work together, Pickering Laboratories can offer the extraordinary promise that the analysis is guaranteed to work for the intended applications.

Onyx workstation representing the Instruments & Reagents section

Instruments & Reagents

Post-Column Systems & Replacement Parts

Onyx PCX

– Pinnacle PCX

– Vector PCX Post-column


– Replacement Components

– Flow Restrictors























Analytical Columns & Guards

Reagents & Chemicals

Reagents, Diluents & Sample Prep Solutions
Test Mixtures & Calibration Standards















Application Kits

Amino Acid Analysis
Food & Supplement Testing

– Biogenic Amines/Polyamines

– Aminoglycoside Antibiotics

– Multi-Residue Mycotoxins

– Aflatoxins

– Polyether Antibiotics























Clean-Up Columns

Immunoaffinity Sample Clean-up Columns

– Afla-OtaCLEAN

















– ELISA Test Kits

– Glyphosate and AMPA Sample Clean-up Cartridges























Method Abstract representing Applications section


Amino Acid Analysis

Mycotoxins Analysis

Contaminants and Residue

Food / Feed / Supplements