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Reagents & Chemicals

Reagents & Chemicals

Prepared to Meet the Demanding Requirements of Pre- and Post-column HPLC Derivatization Methods.


Trione Bottle

Reagents, Diluents & Sample Preparation Solutions

Pickering Laboratories Reagents & Chemicals are specially prepared to meet the demanding requirements of high-sensitivity pre- and post-column HPLC derivatization methods.  More more-arrow


Eluants bottles


Pickering Laboratories eluants are manufactured under strictly controlled conditions to guarantee purity, stability and consistency for a reproducible high quality chromatogram. This quality standard guarantees the resulting chromatogram will be free of any noise and interference.  More more-arrow


Onyx PCX workstation

Amino Acid Analysis

Pickering Laboratories, Inc. makes it easier for laboratories to analyze difficult to detect compounds very specifically and reproducibly. In doing so, we are guided by a simple vision: Guaranteed Chemistry.  More more-arrow












We offer complete packages of chemicals, columns, methods and post-column instruments.  More more-arrow













Food & Supplement Testing

Each part of the method is designed to work together, we can offer the extraordinary promise that the analysis is guaranteed to work for the intended applications.  More more-arrow