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Hydrolysis Reagent CB130 & CB130.2


img-rc-hr2Hydrolysis Reagent CB130

Chromatographic Grade™

This 0.05 M NaOH/C47™ reagent is applied in the first stage of post-column Carbamate derivatization. At 100 ºC the separated carbamates are converted from urethanes to methylamines. The methylamines can then react with OPA and Thiofluor™ to form the characteristically fluorescent isoindole.

Hydrolysis Reagent contains C47™ which prevents the precipitation of insoluble minerals (e.g. Ca2+, Mg2+) from samples of hard drinking water and ground water. The C47™ additive complexes these minerals and keeps them in solution.

Hydrolysis Reagent CB130.2

Chromatographic Grade™

The new Hydrolysis Reagent CB130.2 is formulated according to USEPA Method 531.2 and contains 0.075 M Sodium Hydroxide. This reagent is applied during the first stage of post-column derivatization for the analysis of Carbamate pesticides.

Hydrolysis Reagent CB130.2 contains C47™, which prevents the precipitation of insoluble minerals from samples of hard drinking and ground water, and protects your instruments from damage.


Pricing & Ordering


Pricing & Ordering


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Carbamate Hydrolysis Reagent, 4 × 950 mL

case (4 × 950 mL/bottle)


Carbamate Hydrolysis Reagent, 4 × 950 mL

case (4 × 950 mL/bottle)







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