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Bottles of CHROMATOGRAPHIC GRADE™  EluantsEluants

Chromatographic Grade™

Pickering Laboratories eluants are manufactured under strictly controlled conditions to guarantee purity, stability and consistency for a reproducible high quality chromatogram. This quality standard guarantees the resulting chromatogram will be free of any noise and interference.

The Lithium and Sodium eluants are not sensitive to oxidation and do not need refrigeration, either in storage or use. Degassing is not required. However, they should be protected from air to prevent contamination. Ambient air actually contains amines and amino acids that will dissolve in the low-pH eluants and will appear in the chromatograms.

All buffers are packaged in cases of four 950 mL polyethylene bottles. The regenerants are packaged in single 950 mL bottles because of the small volumes used during each analysis. Sample diluents are packaged in cases of four 250 mL borosilicate glass bottles.

Custom Eluants 

We develop and manufacture custom lots of eluants for customers who require our “Guaranteed Chemistry” commitment of purity and certified use. Let us make some for you! Call for details.