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Pickering Laboratories’ Post-column Brilliance

Superior Instruments, Columns and Chemistry for Environmental,
Pharmaceutical and Biochemical Laboratories


Post-column Systems
The Onyx PCX and Vector PCX Post-Column Derivatization instruments are designed for diverse laboratory requirements.

Analytical Columns & Guards
Our columns and guards are intended for specific applications that require post-column derivatization.

Reagents & Chemicals 
Our eluants are manufactured under controlled conditions to guarantee purity, stability and consistency for a reproducible high quality chromatogram.

Sample Clean-up Columns 
Our sample clean-up columns are used to treat samples prior to injection.


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Recent Posts

WEAR Conference 2019

Conference for product testing of consumer goods to ensure quality, reliability and high-quality products…

NACRW 2019!

Annual meeting for scientists interested in trace level analysis of pesticides, drug residues…

Come to NEMC 2019!

Conference where chemists and environmental regulators to discuss environmental monitoring…

Latest News

New Application Notes

Analysis of Mycotoxins in Cannabis & Analysis of Amino Acids in Dietary Ingredients

Glyphosate in the News

Pickering Laboratories updates our community on Glyphosate-related reports and news

New Service Notes

1-Reagent and Gas Line Clips, and 2-Sodium Amino Acid Standard with Norleucine.

Featured Products

Introducing Onyx PCX

Our latest post-column instrument fully integrated with our instruments, chemistry and support.

Product Testing Solutions

Our new line of artificial body fluids for product testing…


Legacy of Guaranteed Chemistry

Our founder and friend Dr. Michael Pickering has passed away…

How It All Started

The early days of Pickering Laboratories were challenging…

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Onyx PCX Brochure

Next Generation HPLC Post-Column Derivatization Instruments


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