Pickering Laboratories

Letter of Authenticity

Pickering Laboratories, Inc. has recently become aware of a concerning issue in regards to copycatting of our products, both Post-Column and PTS (artificial body fluids). We have heard from our international distribution partners that there are inferior manufacturers who are actively looking to misrepresent their products as being produced by Pickering Laboratories, Inc. Some of their tactics include: mimicking our label, copying our company logo and most-brazenly stating that their company has acquired Pickering Labs, Inc.

None of these claims are accurate. In addition, these ‘spoofed’ products are not actually manufactured to the same formulations, nor are they produced with the same quality as Pickering Labs authentic products.

Our authorized dealers in each country can be found at the following website:

In addition to being listed on our website, you can request an “Authorized Distributor Certificate” or a “Letter of Authorization” from any dealer to ensure that you are truly getting products manufactured by Pickering Labs.

We encourage any purchases to solely be made through distributors listed on the above link and we would like to thank our partners for bringing this to our attention.

If you, as an international customer or end user of Pickering Labs products, have any hesitancy at all in regards to a purchase we encourage you to contact us directly at: sales@pickeringlabs.com or support@pickeringlabs.com. We will be happy to answer any questions or review a possible source for authenticity.

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