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Voglibose Analysis Columns


Voglibose Analysis Columns






Analytical Conditions:

Column: Amino Column,
              4.6×250 mm,
              Catalog Number 1446250
Temperature: 35 °C
Flow Rate: 0.6 mL/min
Mobile Phase: Sodium phosphate buffer,
                           20 mM pH 6.5 / Acetonitrile (37 : 63)
Injection Volume: 50 μL

Sample Preparation:

Crush 5 tablets and mix with 25 mL of mobile phase. Sonicate for 10 min and filter liquid portion through 0.45 μm filter. Put in HPLC autosampler vial and inject 50 μL.

Post-Column Conditions:

Post-column System: Pinnacle PCX
Heated Reactor Volume: 3.5 mL
Temperature: 100 °C
Cooling Coil: 0.15 mL (at room temperature)
Reagent: Taurine (6.25 g), Sodium Periodate (2.56 g)
                  in 1000 mL of water
Flow Rate: 0.6 mL/min


FLD λex: 350 nm, λem: 430 nm












img-ccg-intro2GARD™ Column Protection System

The new GARD™ uses a proprietary material to prevent matrix compounds from passing through (and thereby protecting the analytical column), but allows the analytes of interest to pass unimpeded through the GARD™ and onto the analytical column.

The new GARD™ significantly prolongs column life without band spreading or added pressure. We demonstrated, by means of a performance comparison for Amino Acid Analysis, that the use of a GARD™ will effectively protect the analytical column, will be more cost-effective for the laboratory, is easy to change, is universal to cation-exchange applications, and most importantly has zero band spreading.

Wth the new GARD™ Column protection system from Pickering Laboratories the same cation-exchange GARD™ can be used for nearly all cation-exchange applications.

Pricing & Ordering

Pricing & Ordering



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