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ELISA Kits, Ready to Use


scu-elisa-bELISA Kits, Ready to Use

Ota READ™ & AflaREAD™

The contamination of food and feed is a worldwide problem. Under inappropriate storage conditions fungi will produce secondary metabolites like mycotoxins, which often render consumption or further processing impossible. As a result of these toxic and hazardous conditions, analyses must be extremely effective, sensitive and reliable to conform to the strict regulations.

The ELISA Test Kits from LCTech meet and exceed all regulatory requirements. The immunological test procedure is based on antibody-antigen recognition and enzymatic color reaction. It leads to a reliable result after a short incubation period and performs quick and sensitive screening of a variety of food products like rice, corn, cocoa, coffee, peanut butter, beer, wine, liquorice and animal feed.

LCTech ELISA kits are delivered ready-to-use and can directly be used for screening sample extracts without further pre-treatment. These kits consist of a shrink-wrapped, coated ELISA plate, the standard solutions, all necessary reagents and a comprehensive manual to guide you through the effective and easy analysis.

Featured Highlights


  • Reduced costs (no analytical instruments needed)
  • Very high sample throughput (96 samples incl. stds. in 130 min)
  • Unmatched Aflatoxin B1 sensitivity (0.2 ppb)
  • Unmatched Ochratoxin A sensitivity (0.6 ppb for liquids)
  • Fast and reliable results
  • Highest reproducibility
  • Long shelf-life (12 months from date of manufacture)
  • Easy handling
  • Wide range of matrices including dried distillers grain
  • Each kit contains 96-well plate, standards and all necessary solutions

OctaRead Ochratoxin A


The LCTech ELISA kit test can be used with solid  liquid matrices. The detection range for solid matrices is 2-20 ppb, for beer 0.6-6 ppb and for wine 0.8-8 ppb.

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Pricing & Ordering

Pricing & Ordering








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