Aflatoxins in Feeds

1-cow“Advances in mycotoxin detection and analytic techniques have shown the mycotoxin problem to be much larger and more diverse than once imagined. As the climate changes, as feed materials are being sourced from different parts of the world and novel sources of feed materials are being used the risk to exposure from many toxins simultaneously is now greater than ever before. Even low levels of mycotoxins in animal diets can have a significant impact on livestock production, such as impaired gut health”. This is from the article ‘Mycotoxins: Risk is greater than ever before’ in the magazine All about feed, August 19, 2016.

Pickering Laboratories can provide some options for laboratories that want to analyze for Mycotoxins. Aflatoxins can be analyzed by iodine derivatization using Pinnacle PCX or Vector PCX or with UVE photochemical reactor. A combination of photochemical reactor and chemical derivatization can be utilized for multi-residue Mycotoxins analysis. Details of these methods can be found at