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Product Highlight:  Apocrine Sweat

By Saji George

Woman exercisingApocrine glands are a member of the sweat gland family. Although present from birth, apocrine glands become active during puberty and start to produce apocrine sweat. This sweat is composed of proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, steroids, lipids electrolytes, and nitrogen metabolites such as ammonia and urea. Apocrine sweat is initially sterile and odorless but when acted upon by commensal bacteria present in the axilla region, it produces the malodor compounds responsible for the human axillary odor.

Participation in sports and other types of exercise has become an integral part of many people’s everyday life as a means to achieving a healthy lifestyle. Clothing can play a further role in retaining or emanating odor because bodily secretions and skin bacteria may be easily transferred from the body onto the adjacent garment.

Odor-control products are now in high demand, including: textiles, personal hygiene products, and underarm hygiene products that are formulated with nutrients or antibacterial substances after careful investigation of skin flora.

Pickering Laboratories’ artificial apocrine sweat was formulated as a human mimic after thorough research of available literature. It includes necessary chemicals that are vital to its unique properties. There is nothing else like it on the market! Our diverse customers come from the fragrance, odor control, personal care, and performance textile industries, to name a few.

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