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New Certificate of Analysis for PTS Products

By David Mazawa and Kevin McKeown

Mock up Certificate if Analysis for artificial body fluidsPickering Laboratories introduces improved Certificate of Analysis for Artificial Body Fluids products

Perspiration is on everything that we touch with our fingers or that comes into contact with our bodies.  Sweat can react with materials and trigger allergies, or it can shorten the life of consumer products via corrosion or discoloration.  Natural human perspiration has a complex composition and Pickering Laboratories has delivered the closest match to the “real thing.”  In an effort to conform to the ever-improving internal quality objectives of our customers, we have updated the Certificates of Analysis for our Artificial Body Fluids, giving richer data and content that will help both analysts and QA managers.  In this new update, you’ll find a detailed listing of the QC analyses that our products undergo, from Amino Acids Analysis by HPLC with post-column derivatization to reproducible pH testing by high-accuracy pH meters, as well as analyses of the individual components that are included in our solutions.  These product testing solutions carry our “Guaranteed Chemistry” seal of approval so that you can have full trust in our reliability, with zero lot-to-lot variability.  We believe this document, with its updated rich color scheme and increased data, can be a benefit to your analytical goals!

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