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On the Road Again

Technical Support Chemist, Maria Ofitserova

Maria Ofitserova, Senior Research Chemist

Kevin McKeown, Sales Manager

Kevin McKeown, Sales Manager,

Rudy Suez, Customer Service Manager

Rudy Suez, Customer Service Manager

David Mazawa, Technical Support Chemist

David Mazawa, Technical Support Chemist


Pickering Labs was extremely excited to start hitting the trade-show circuit again, after an enduring a LONG absence since Pittcon 2020. Our Customer Service Manager, Rudy Suez, and Technical Support Chemist, David Mazawa, attended the NEMC Conference in Bellevue, WA in early August. Our Senior Research Chemist, Maria Ofitserova, and Sales Manager, Kevin McKeown, attended the AOAC annual show in Boston in late August. It was a joy to see our customers face-to-face (mask-to-mask?!) again and do a reintroduction of our Onyx PCX instrument. Upcoming shows where you can see Pickering Labs include ACIL in Long Beach, CA in early October and AATCC (American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists) in Raleigh, NC in mid-November. 

Kevin McKeown
Sales Manager
Pickering Laboratories, Inc.
1280 Space Park Way
Mountain View, CA 94043, USA
Phone: (302) 229-5928

Meet Our New Sales Manager!

By Rebecca Smith and Kevin McKeown

It is my great pleasure to have the chance in this newsletter to introduce Kevin McKeown, our new Sales Manager, to all of our customers, vendors and distributors!  When the COVID-19 pandemic finally recedes and life resumes some semblance of normalcy, we hope to have the chance for some of you to get better acquainted with Kevin in person…  Perhaps at trade shows or through an on-site visit (remember those?!) if 2021 shapes up sooner rather than later.  But in the meantime, this virtual introduction will have to do! 

Kevin McKeown with his two boys flying a kite on beach

In early November, Kevin joined the team and he has quickly come up to speed with the way of life here at Pickering Laboratories.  In his former role, he managed the Sales/Customer Service team at SPEX CertiPrep, where he spent the last 13 years of his career.  Coming on-board with a background in chemicals/consumables and already having established relationships with many of his current Pickering colleagues, this transition has been smooth sailing!  Kevin is experienced and enthusiastic – he can’t wait to interact closely with both direct end-users and valued dealers/distributors.  He is VERY excited to finally get back “on the road” again for Pickering!  In lieu of travel, Kevin has become well acquainted with “zooming” his way to a full social calendar.  He will surely enjoy getting to meet each and every one of you virtually and starting to put faces to names.

Kevin McKeown with his twin boys at their birthday party

Kevin is the proud father of 4-year-old identical twin boys: Miles and Colin.  He lives in New Jersey, but he will quickly make sure that you know he’s born and raised in Delaware (also the location of his alma mater: The University of Delaware!).  In his free time, Kevin enjoys golfing, playing with his kids, reading, Super Hero movies, Notre Dame football and skiing (although that’s mainly before kids!).

Please give me a hand in giving Kevin a warm welcome!  You can reach out to him via email to say hello or schedule a quick zoom greeting.  Also, if you enjoy unsolicited pictures of kids (rather than puppies) he’s an excellent source for adorable photos!