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New Employee Spotlight – Kristina Wilkinson

By: Chris Nguyen

Kristina WilkinsonOur employee family is growing!  Pickering Laboratories is happy to introduce the newest member of our team: Kristina Wilkinson!

Kristina joined us in November 2021, stepping into her new role as our Purchasing Agent.  As many of you know, this is an exciting (challenging) time to be involved in the supply chain…  So needless to say, she’s really hit the ground running. 

Outside of work, Kristina enjoys all things Disney and Star Wars.  In more normal times (and hopefully again very soon!), Kristina enjoys going to Disneyland regularly.  For those of you keeping track, that means we’ve got at least two Disney buffs on staff…  And yes, this is purely coincidence!

When I interviewed her for this article, Kristina said an ideal day for her would look like: reading a good book and drinking a cup of coffee.  She is also an avid car person.  In particular, any type of Mustang would be her dream car.  She comes to Pickering Labs from the Home Warranty Industry where she was a specialist in buying appliances.

If you have the time, please feel free to reach out to Kristina and say hello!  We would love the help in providing a warm welcome for her.  She’s taken over the inbox, so feel free to drop her a line! 

Welcome, Kristina!