Glyphosate Guard column to be replaced by New GARD

In an effort to offer superior products, Pickering Laboratories will replace the Glyphosate Guard column (PN 1953020) with the new GARD column protection system <link to GARD abstract>. The Glyphosate Guard Column (PN 1953020) will no longer be available starting Januray 1, 2013. The new GARD prolongs column life without additional back pressure or band spreading. The GARD is an easily replaceable cartridge, which should be replaced every 3 months or 300 injections. Please contact Technical Support with any questions.
PN 1700-3102    Cation-exchange GARD assembly: includes holder and 2 replaceable GARDs
PN 1700-3101    Replacement cation-exchange GARDs (2/pack)
PN 1700-3100    GARD Holder
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