Method Abstract Brochure

by David Mazawa

Method Abstract Brochure coverA New Method Abstract Brochure from Pickering Laboratories!

As the leading experts in post-column technology and analytical methods, Pickering Laboratories invites you to explore the possibilities for expanded use with your existing HPLC instrumentation. 

In an effort to increase flexibility in our marketing material and give our customers an easy reference tool, we have split method abstracts from our comprehensive Product Catalog. The method abstracts are now in their own convenient brochure. This allows us to update technical information without having to completely revise the Product Catalog. The Method Abstract Brochure is also organized in an intuitive way to make it easy to find what you’re looking for. You can now easily see what we offer at a quick glance. We now have the following sections for our method abstracts:

  • Analysis of Amino Acids
  • Analysis of Glyphosate (including EPA Method 547)
  • Analysis of Contaminants and Residues (including EPA Methods 531.2 and 218.7)
  • Analysis of Supplements
  • Analysis of Antibiotics and Other Pharmaceuticals
  • Analysis of Mycotoxins
  • Analysis of Cannabis and Hemp
  • Analysis of Sugars and Sweeteners


Download a digital copy of the Method Abstract Brochure!


Please let us know if you would like a printed copy or if you have any questions. Simply contact and one of our chemists can assist you.