Pandemic Puppy Pictures

By Rebecca Smith

As I teased in the last quarterly newsletter introduction, when it comes to my personal life, I have spent the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic growing my household!  My fiancé and I are very pleased to have actually added not one but TWO pandemic puppies to our family this year.  We showed you a picture of our first puppy as a wee little tyke, before we’d even picked her up.  Now, our “little” Luna is six months old and weighs over fifty pounds already!  She’s going to be a big girl.

Here you can see her September vs December as a lap-pup:

Rebecca's puppy, Luna

Here are a couple more baby pictures of Luna, including her “kraken” Halloween costume:

Rebecca's puppy, Luna, dressed in Halloween costume

Finally, here’s Luna as a big girl in December, right before she got to meet her new baby “sister” (also pictured is coonhound “auntie” Annabelle):

Luna grown up with old coonhound “auntie” Annabelle

Speaking of sisters, we’ve just returned from picking up Luna’s new baby sister!  Tiny little Terra is barely nine weeks old and cannot compete with her sister in stature just yet – but she’ll catch up soon enough!  She’s only been home for a few days but Terra is making her presence known!  Auntie Annabelle isn’t too interested in her just yet, but big sister Luna cannot wait until she’s big enough for tug-of-war.

Our newest addition, Terra:

Rebecca's newest puppy addition, Terra

While I absolutely love nothing more than showing off unsolicited pictures of my “kids,” I don’t want to steal the thunder from our other newsletter articles!  Suffice to say, if you’d like to see more puppy pictures or want to know anything else about the girls, just reach out to me by email or phone.  I’d love to say hello and talk about all things Swissy (or coonhound for that matter!).  I always enjoy seeing pictures from other dog moms too, so if anyone else has a pandemic puppy and wants to share pictures… send them my way!  Since the Coronavirus disruption seems determined to trickle into the beginning of 2021, I’d love to share cute or silly quarantine pictures of your pups with our Pickering team. 

Happy New Year to you and your families!  Wishing you a healthy and safe start to 2021! 

I’ll end with a “side-by-side” with Terra watching Luna watch their dinner preparations:

Terra watching Luna watch their dinner preparations.