Pickering Laboratories’ Mycotoxin Workshop held at MidWest AOAC in Lincoln, NE

Sculpture on U of NE-Lincoln campus
By Maria Ofitserova, PhD
At the Midwest AOAC meeting (Held from June 6-9, 2011 in Lincoln, Nebraska) Pickering Laboratories presented a workshop on analysis of Aflatoxins in different matrices such as animal feeds, corn and peanut butter. The workshop generated a lot of interest with representatives from several State Departments of Agriculture, State Universities, as well as companies like Silliker and General Mills attending the two sessions of the workshop. The participants were able to learn about new analytical equipment and have a discussion about different aspects of Mycotoxins analysis.

During the workshop the samples extracts were cleaned with AflaClean™ Immunoaffinity columns and analyzed using an HPLC method with post-column photochemical derivatization by UVE™ and fluorescence detection. We also demonstrated how AcceClean™ workstation automates the labor-intensive column clean up step. The participants were impressed with versatility of the AcceClean workstation capable of handling multi-step procedures with both Immunoaffinity and SPE columns.
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