Pittcon 2015

Pittcon photoNew Orleans, 2015 Pittcon Exhibition –  919 exhibitors, 1,690 booths and an estimated 18,000 attendees. Pickering laboratories exhibited to share the latest products and technologies with customers, distributors and partners. There was a lot of attention to this year’s big introduction, the DEXTech Sample Clean-up system for PCBs and Dioxin. Designed to be faster, cleaner and better automated than industry standard processes the DEXTech provides Dioxin and PCB sample Clean-up at significantly lower price per run while also being faster and safer.

The Freestyle automated sample clean-up workstation highlighted the ThermElute system for Aflatoxin sample-Clean up that has a direct connection to the HPLC. Not only are the innovative Aflatoxin immunoaffinity SMART columns economical but they are incredibly fast. Now you can automate the sample clean-up and include the analysis in one setup.

One of the growth areas in the Pittcon show was the growing focus on Food Safety. Pickering laboratories continue to develop applications that focus on food safety and authentication with new methods introduced at Pittcon:

The surprise to many long time Pickering Labs customers is the introduction of the Product Test Solution line of artificial perspiration, saliva and urine. The long history with Post-Column derivatization products continues with the additional product expansion into sample clean-up products and now the products for the Product Testing laboratory market. These products build on our expertise in Amino Acid Analysis and chromatographic grade reagent manufacturing capability. Each product is manufactured in precise compliance with product testing protocols from NIST, ATSM, AATCC and numerous other standards organizations. The reliability and reproducibility of all Pickering Laboratories products is now available to the Product Testing laboratory market.