Pittcon News and Notes

By Mike Gottschalk

The 68th Pittcon International for 2018 was hosted in Orlando, Florida which provided a welcome respite from February’s wintery embrace to many a northerner. Beside the welcoming venue, the programs and exhibitors continue to contribute to the leading exhibition for laboratory science and new technology in food safety, life science and emerging markets.

Pickering Laboratories presented the latest method advances in our Post-Column Applications and received significant interest in our recently introduced Product Test Solutions from a diverse audience of conference attendees.

New from Pickering for Pittcon this year was our post-column application for Cannabinoids Analysis in Cannabis Plants and Edibles, Amino Acid Analysis in Foods and Supplements as well as several new formulations of Product Testing Solutions.

We are always surprised at the variety of companies interested in our product testing solutions: credit card manufacturers, tobacco companies, electronics manufacturers, surgical instrumentation companies, materials scientists, pharmaceutical companies, and makers of musical instruments to name a few. These different industries have all found the quality and consistency of Pickering’s product testing solutions to offer the reliability they need for performing product development and ongoing quality assurance testing.

To add to the excitement of our new products, we held daily raffles for an Apple Watch and two Bose Soundsport Pulse headphones. Congratulations to our three winners!

Not only were the winners of the raffle prizes excited, but passersby generated quite a buzz checking out this year’s playful Pickering promotional handouts, including: Fidget Spinners, Emoji Pens, Lab Rulers and Workout Towels. We enjoyed engaging with our visitors and we appreciated those who stopped to learn more about what Pickering Labs offers!

Thank you for visiting our booth at Pittcon!  And if you missed us, our next show is the North American Chemical Residue Workshop (NACRW) in Naples, Florida from July 22 through 25, where you can be sure to see myself and Sareeta Nerkar and pick up some application notes (or another emoji pen)!