Product Spotlight – 1700-0324

Artificial Saliva bottleProduct Spotlight – 1700-0324, Artificial Saliva with Mucin
(950 mL)

Responding to overwhelming demand, Pickering Labs has introduced our Artificial Saliva with Mucin in a new, larger 950 mL size! This solution has been in the spotlight recently, as ASTM E2720-16/ASTM E2721-16 specifies decontamination procedures for surfaces and materials contaminated with human pathogenic viruses. The formulation has a mineral composition and pH close to human saliva and contains Mucin to increase the viscosity and lubricating ability of the solution. This artificial saliva can also be used for dental, drug delivery and pharmaceutical studies. Research into COVID transmission is a major focus for the whole world at present and Pickering Labs is proud to supply products that aid in this research.
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