Sigma Series Pinnacle Control Software

By David Mazawa

You may have noticed something different about the Pinnacle. That is because the new Pinnacle Sigma series started shipping out mid June. Some improvements include fully ROHS compliant components, power cooling, USB connection, log file expansion, PEEK front end for reagent pumps, and lighter parts. It is important to note that new Pinnacle Control Software has been updated to support some of the new features.

Before installing the new software, make sure to export your Methods and Sequences. This will create a back up of all your Methods and Sequences. It is possible that your old Methods and Sequences will not transfer after installation of the new software. If this is the case, import your backup file.

You will notice that you need to install drivers with the new Pinnacle Control Software. The drivers are required to communicate with the USB port of the Sigma Series Pinnacle. We have replaced the RS-232 connection with USB. Make sure you follow the instructions included with the Pinnacle Control Software Installation CD.

After you have installed the new Pinnacle Control Software, make sure you double check the instrument configuration. It is possible that the default configuration of “No Connection to HPLC” will be loaded. After your methods and sequences are imported and your configuration is correct, you are ready to use the new Pinnacle Control Software.

The new Pinnacle Control Software includes pressure tests. These pressure tests should be used after a PM or when pump or valve seals have been replaced. You can pressure test individual pumps or pressure test the entire system. Make sure to follow the instructions presented by the Pinnacle Control Software. These tests can be found under Instrument then Maintenance.

The Pinnacle Control Software has expanded the log files. An extra day of data is collected and more detail is collected per log file. This will greatly help Pickering Laboratories Technical Support troubleshoot any problems you may have in the future.

Please email or call Pickering Laboratories Support with any questions. / (650) 694-7700 / (800) 654-3330

David Mazawa

Technical Support Chemist

(650) 694-6700 x 710