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New PTS Website

By: David Mazawa

Pickering Test Solutions homepage

It is with great pride that we introduce our brand-new, redesigned Product Testing Solutions website:

Our growing presence in this analytical testing space has allowed us to reinvest in new lab space, research and development, additions to product line and now finally a new look for our website.

This redesign was a year in the making and has better functionality, a more updated look and more detailed information regarding our Artificial Body Fluid solutions.  The e-commerce capability has also seen an aesthetic upgrade.  We would like to thank David Mazawa, Saji George and the rest of the Pickering Labs team for their valuable input during this process.  Additionally, our webmaster, Jesse Farnworth and our Marketing Consultant, Phil Mowery, were integral to making this a reality.  

We hope that you like this new “landing spot” as much as we do and we would love to hear any feedback regarding the site!

COVID and Related PTS Products

By Maria Ofitserova, PhD

Pickering Test Solutions brochure coverFor several years now, Pickering Laboratories has continued to expand our line of Product Testing Solutions to include new synthetic body fluids or environmental solutions. We offer a variety of formulations of artificial perspiration, sebum and saliva for testing fabrics, plastics, dental alloys, medical devices, wearables and other electronics and many different consumer products.

The challenges that Covid-19 pandemic presents for the pharmaceutical and health care industry are staggering, and they impact manufacturers of medical devices and personal protective equipment as well. This brings into focus the need for artificial bodily fluids that can be used for both ongoing testing and tackling the new developments introduced by the Coronavirus crisis.

With that in mind Pickering has introduced new artificial saliva with mucin made according to ASTM methods E2720-16 and E2721-16. The official ASTM methods E2720-16 and E2721-16 specify artificial saliva formulation for the evaluation of decontamination procedures for surfaces and materials contaminated with human pathogenic viruses. The formulation has a mineral composition and pH close to human saliva and contains Mucin to increase the viscosity and lubricating ability of the solution. This artificial saliva can also be used for dental, drug delivery or pharmaceutical studies.

Pickering Laboratories also offers Artificial Lung Fluid called Gamble’s solution, which is used to simulate different interstitial conditions deep in the lung. Several artificial lung fluid formulations are described in literature and we would be happy to discuss customers’ particular testing needs and help you choose the correct solution for your specific application. As established manufacturers of medical devices are now joined by companies newly entering the health care space, we are proud to do our part in ensuring that medical equipment, such as ventilators, get properly tested.

Pickering’s staff is dedicated to working hard to support our customers, new and returning. We are recommitting to our promise of providing quality reagents and solutions quickly to support essential businesses and supporting manufacturers.

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