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COVID and Related PTS Products

By Maria Ofitserova, PhD

Pickering Test Solutions brochure coverFor several years now, Pickering Laboratories has continued to expand our line of Product Testing Solutions to include new synthetic body fluids or environmental solutions. We offer a variety of formulations of artificial perspiration, sebum and saliva for testing fabrics, plastics, dental alloys, medical devices, wearables and other electronics and many different consumer products.

The challenges that Covid-19 pandemic presents for the pharmaceutical and health care industry are staggering, and they impact manufacturers of medical devices and personal protective equipment as well. This brings into focus the need for artificial bodily fluids that can be used for both ongoing testing and tackling the new developments introduced by the Coronavirus crisis.

With that in mind Pickering has introduced new artificial saliva with mucin made according to ASTM methods E2720-16 and E2721-16. The official ASTM methods E2720-16 and E2721-16 specify artificial saliva formulation for the evaluation of decontamination procedures for surfaces and materials contaminated with human pathogenic viruses. The formulation has a mineral composition and pH close to human saliva and contains Mucin to increase the viscosity and lubricating ability of the solution. This artificial saliva can also be used for dental, drug delivery or pharmaceutical studies.

Pickering Laboratories also offers Artificial Lung Fluid called Gamble’s solution, which is used to simulate different interstitial conditions deep in the lung. Several artificial lung fluid formulations are described in literature and we would be happy to discuss customers’ particular testing needs and help you choose the correct solution for your specific application. As established manufacturers of medical devices are now joined by companies newly entering the health care space, we are proud to do our part in ensuring that medical equipment, such as ventilators, get properly tested.

Pickering’s staff is dedicated to working hard to support our customers, new and returning. We are recommitting to our promise of providing quality reagents and solutions quickly to support essential businesses and supporting manufacturers.

Maria Ofitserova, PhD
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PTS Product Updates for April 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

We continue to receive almost-daily inquiries from customers for new types of Product Testing Solutions, resulting in both proprietary and open market formulations being created. As our product line expands, we will be reaching out to you via our Newsletter for periodic product updates and announcements. You can also check our PTS website for up-to-date product information.

This Artificial Saliva is formulated according to ISO 10271-2011 standard procedure. ISO 10271-2011 specifies the method for corrosion testing for metallic material in dental devices. The solution should be stored in the refrigerator and has a 1-year shelf life. The pH of the solution is 2.3.
1700-0313 Artificial Saliva, ISO 10271-2011, Not Stabilized, each (200 mL/bottle)

This ready-to-use solution closely resembles the mineral composition of natural saliva and can be used for testing a wide variety of products, including dental metal alloys. The modified formulation has added Potassium Thiocyanate to achieve better stability at higher pH and make it more similar to human saliva This product is manufactured to customer-requested pH and it can be stored at room temperature.
1700-0314 Artificial Saliva, Modified Fusayama/Mayer, Custom pH (up to 6.5), Stabilized, each (200 mL/bottle)

This formulation is used to determine corrosion (tarnishing, oxidation and surface penetration) resistance for gold alloy coverings on watch cases and accessories, including bracelets when they are permanently attached to the case. The solution is at pH 4.7 per ISO 3160 specifications and buffered for long-term pH stability.
1700-0537 Artificial Perspiration, ISO 3160 with added Pyruvic acid, buffered, Stabilized, each (200 mL/bottle) (minimum order quantity of 2 bottles)

Inspired by the ASTM D4265-98 method for staining, Eccrine Perspiration is emulsified with Artificial Sebum. Prepared without dust/dirt for a more universal application, this emulsion mimics non-exercise induced skin surface film liquids (SSFL). As SSFL, it can be used to test any topical use product or to test the stability of any article that will come in contact with human sweat. This product requires refrigeration to remain in solution and prevent rancidity.
1700-0549 Artificial Eccrine Sweat-Sebum Emulsion each (950 mL)

This solution is made according to ASTM D2322-00 and is used to test the resistance of shoe upper leather against perspiration. The pH of the solution is 7.5 and it is stable at room temperature.
1700-0550 Artificial Perspiration, ASTM D2322-00, Stabilized, each (200mL/bottle)

Artificial Urine is prepared according to the DIN EN 1616:1999 standard procedure. DIN EN 1616 specifies the method used to test sterile urethral catheters. This ready-to-use solution should be stored frozen to avoid bacteria growth. The pH of the solution is 6.6. 1700-0603 Artificial Urine, DIN EN 1616-1999, Not Stabilized, 19.8L

Substitute ocean water is prepared according to official ASTM method D1141-98. This product can be successfully used in a wide variety of tests where solutions simulating sea water are required, such as oil contamination testing, detergent evaluation and corrosion testing. The pH of the solution is 8.2 and it is ready-to-use. Product is stored at room temperature. Please inquire about different sizes.
1700-0804 Synthetic Hard Water, custom hardness, ASTM E1945-02, each (200 mL/bottle)

Contact Pickering Laboratories’ Technical Support team at with any questions or comments.

Best regards,
David Mazawa

Pickering Laboratories presents new products at PITTCON 2017

Chicago, McCormick Convention center, March 5-9. Booth # 2625

Pickering Laboratories will be exhibiting at the 4-day event and meeting with customers and distributors to highlight new applications and products from the Product Testing Solutions and Post-Column Derivatization product lines.

New Post-Column Applications:

  • Theanine
  • Glyphosate in Foods
  • Carbamates in Foods
  • Formaldehyde
  • Amino Acids in Pharmacopoeia 8.0

Our Product Testing Solutions include artificial Body fluids manufactured testing made to official industry protocols:

  • Artificial Perspiration
  • Artificial Saliva
  • Artificial Urine
  • Artificial Sebum 
  • Artificial Cerumen

Also we are announcing our new Artificial Sebum and Sweat Emulsion product!

Twice-a-day raffle to win a Fitbit Flex – come to Booth 2625 and get into the game!


Larger Formats Abound!

By Rebecca Smith

Seen here posing with our new Artificial Perspiration carboys![/caption]Pickering Laboratories has again increased our Product Testing Solutions offerings to provide even more options and savings to our customers!  As our products continue to gain in popularity, we are increasingly getting requests for larger volume bottles and bulk purchases.

David Mazawa, Technical Support Chemist for Pickering Labs. Seen here posing with our new Artificial Perspiration carboys!
David Mazawa, Technical Support Chemist for Pickering Labs. Seen here posing with our new Artificial Perspiration carboys![/caption]

Larger sized bottles are now available of our new Artificial Sebum, giving customers the choice to purchase as 25 grams or 200 grams per bottle.  The new 200g bottles, part number 1700-0702, will provide significant savings over purchasing large amounts of Artificial Sebum in the smaller bottles (part number 1700-0700).  This product is available off the shelf, as inventory permits.

Our AATCC Test Method 15 Artificial Perspiration is a very popular formulation, particularly as the stabilized version with two years shelf life.  We currently offer this stabilized formulation in our standard 200mL bottles (part number 1700-0015), and as a case of 4 x 950mL bottles with part number 1700-0541 for larger volume users. 

It is with much excitement that we now offer the ability to order stabilized AATCC Test Method 15 Artificial Perspiration in even larger volumes!  By purchasing one of our new 19.8L carboys, our customers can save significantly on their large volume purchases.  Carboys of AATCC Test Method 15 stabilized sweat, part number 1700-0555, are available now as a made-to-order product.

These carboys, which hold almost 20 liters in a single container, are available for any customer wishing to purchase stabilized artificial perspiration in bulk volumes.  Please contact for more information on bulk volumes of your artificial perspiration formulation of choice.

New Pickering Test Solutions products:

1700-0702            Artificial Sebum, 200g

1700-0555            AATCC Test Method 15 Artificial Perspiration, stabilized, 19.8L

Also feel free to visit our webpage at for more information.  Thanks!



CES 2016… wait, what?

That’s right, Rebecca and I attended The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This massive show takes over Las Vegas for a whole week. Many of our Product Testing Solutions customers were going to be exhibiting at the show, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to meet our current customers and see if we could interest other companies in our Product Testing Solutions as well. We saw many cool devices being displayed. Drones, virtual reality rigs, augmented reality goggles, fitness tracking gadgets, and smart fabrics were all well-represented.

We decided to focus on the wearable technology section of the show. Any device or material that is worn on the human body would benefit from design testing or quality control testing with our Product Testing Solutions. Wearable technology companies already use our artificial perspiration solutions to see how their electronics or materials will tolerate constant contact with the human body. We have received feedback from customers that testing with our artificial perspiration solution will give different results, when compared to testing with just water. After testing with our artificial perspiration solutions, our customers are confident that their device or material will be able to withstand the harsh environment of the human body.

We met lots of passionate people promoting their awesome products. Many of these people thought we bottled actual perspiration! By the end of the day, Rebecca and I had walked over 7 miles so it was certainly possible for us to collect our own perspiration… However, Pickering Laboratories does not collect actual perspiration. We manufacture artificial perspiration and other body fluids according to industry standard protocols and our own proprietary formula for eccrine perspiration. No humans are harmed in the making of these products.  


Additional information on Pickering Laboratories Product Testing Solutions can be found at

David Mazawa
Technical Support Chemist
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