Chromatographic Grade Water Recommended for Carbamate Analysis

By Maria Ofitserova & Mike Gottschalk

REh-body-image-2Purity of the mobile phase is an essential consideration in HPLC analysis. Solvents used to prepare mobile phase determine background noise level, presence of impurity peaks, as well as baseline drift during gradient formation. Use of highest purity solutions reduces undesirable baseline phenomena and improves overall sensitivity and selectivity of analysis.

EPA methods 531.1 and 531.2 require detection of carbamate pesticides in water on sub-ppb levels. To achieve such low detection limits it is crucial to have very low background noise and stable baseline without interfering peaks or drifts. Our customers long relied on Pickering Laboratories for highest quality reagents and chemicals. Now laboratories running carbamates analysis can purchase Pickering Laboratories Chromatographic GradeTM water tested using post-column analysis to be guaranteed free of fluorescence contaminations.