Pickering Attends 4th Annual Latin American Pesticide Residue Workshop

By David Mazawa

The Fourth Latin American Pesticide Residue Workshop (LAPRW) was held from May 26 to 29, 2013 at the Compensar Convention Center in Bogotá, Colombia. About 400 people from universities, private companies, and government agencies responsible for monitoring and regulating pesticide residues in agricultural and environmental samples attended the valuable presentations, discussions, and workshops.Photo May 26, 17 53 47 About 19 different exhibitors, including Pickering Laboratories, proudly sponsored the 4th LAPRW. We would like to thank the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Sociedad Colombiana de Ciencias Químicas and the Scientific Committee of the Latin American Pesticide Residue Workshop for putting together a great show. We look forward to the advancements of the Fifth Latin American Pesticide Photo May 25, 15 54 43Residue Workshop in Santiago, Chile.

http://laprw2013.com/ Photo May 25, 16 03 43 Photo May 25, 16 54 34 Photo May 25, 17 02 48

David and Laszlo