Chromatography Quiz #37 — Get to know the Onyx PCX

Chromatography Quiz #36—Amino Acids bent outa shape—Winners

Pickering Labs would like to congratulate all of our winners for our previous newsletter’s Chromatography Quiz:

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Narjes Ghafoori from Los Angeles County Public Health Laboratory and Tom Schneider from Suffolk County Water Authority.

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Congratulations to our quiz winners!

Thank you all for your submissions!

The Answer to Chromatography Quiz #36

The answer is column temperature was set too low. Column temperature has a big affect on retention time stability. That it is why it is important to use a column heater for your analytical methods. We have used this principle to our advantage with our column temperature gradient methods. Our fast amino acid methods use a column temperature gradient where the temperature is changed throughout the run. This has cut some of our older run times in half. Please note that these methods can only be run on our Pinnace or Onyx PCX. No other post-column systems have our repeatable temperature gradient capabilities. See our amino acid method abstracts for more details:

Chromatography Quiz #37 – Get to know the Onyx PCX

Correctly answer the questions below and win a prize!  Simply email your answer and your full contact information to Rebecca at by March 15, 2021 in order to win.  You will receive email confirmation when your submission is received, and the troubleshooting answer and winner congratulations will be published in the next issue (to be anonymous, please notify Rebecca in submission). Hint: Download the Onyx PCX Brochure here:

Questions Select Answer
1. The Onyx PCX has a larger color display.  True or False
2. The Onyx PCX can be calibrated in the field. True or False
3. The Pinnacle PCX has a Journal for audit tracking.    True or False
4. The Pinnacle PCX is larger than the Onyx PCX.  True or False
5. The Onyx PCX heated reactor is backwards compatible. True or False
6. The Onyx PCX reagent tray can be used as secondary containment. True or False
7. The Onyx PCX only uses USB connection to the PC.   True or False
8. The Onyx PCX pump and valve motors are backwards compatible. True or False
9. The Onyx PCX syringe pump offers pulse free reagent flow. True or False
10. Older Pinnacle methods can be easily transferred to the Onyx PCX.  True or False
11. Both the Pinnacle and Onyx PCX have automated piston wash. True or False
12. Maintenance is easier with the Onyx PCX because of the larger size. True or False
13. The Pinnacle and Onyx PCX have the same relay connector. True or False
14. The Pinnacle and Onyx PCX feature quick change reactors.   True or False
15. The Pinnacle and Onyx PCX feature a column heater with temperature gradient capabilities. True or False