NACRW – Sareeta

Who says that only David and I get to have all the fun at exhibitions and trade shows?!  Our very own Research Chemist, Sareeta Nerkar, will be in attendance at the annual NACRW – North American Chemical Residue Workshop – in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida the last week of July.  Sareeta has been a long-time attendee of this show, with Pickering Labs a decades-long supporter and exhibitor prior to her involvement.  We always find it a very valuable resource for keeping an eye on emerging trends in environmental contaminants and other concerns.

This year, Sareeta is the co-chair of the NACRW program (General Session), as well as Secretary for the Organizing Committee. In addition to her work as part of the volunteers supporting the event, she will also be presenting her poster on the Analysis of Formaldehyde in Cosmetics and Other Personal Care Products.  We are making a conscious effort to find novel methodology and new applications which can benefit from a Post-Column reaction; Sareeta is at the forefront of this research.  A snippet from our new Method Abstract outlines the importance of this testing:

Formaldehyde and formaldehyde-releasing agents are widely used in manufacturing of building materials, cars, plywood, polymers, glues and adhesives. It is also commonly used in household items, personal care products and cosmetics as a preservative and disinfectant. Due to high toxicity and suspected carcinogenicity the products are tested to determine free formaldehyde content and ensure the safety of the consumers. Testing is also important to monitor production of resins and other polymers and to ensure the quality of final materials.

If you are lucky enough to also be in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida, please stop by and say hello to Sareeta!