RESULTS: Chromatography Quiz Number 2 (Amino Acids)

Congratulations to the Grand Prize Winner of our Newsletter’s Amino Acid Chromatography Quiz: Mary Barnes from Marin General Hospital!

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The correct answer for the modified Amino Acid chromatogram: we did not allow the instrument proper equilibration. The column was equilibrated using a mixture of Li275 and Li750 buffers, and the higher starting pH caused peaks in the beginning of the chromatogram to come too early and co-elute. A similar chromatogram can also be caused by a higher pH of the sample or first buffer or an insufficient equilibration time between runs.

Also, we are extending our deadline for the Chromatography Quiz Number 3 (Glyphosate) until July 15th – so please get your entries in! Rebecca will accept submissions at and confirm via email that she has received your answer.

Thank you and Good Luck!
The Pickering Labs Team

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