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Come One, Come All to NEMC 2019!

By Rebecca Smith and David Mazawa

This year the annual National Environmental Monitoring Conference (NEMC) heads south to Jacksonville, Florida, where chemists and environmental regulators from around the country will gather from August 5-9, 2019.  The August weather and the technical program will both be heating up as David and Rebecca check out the latest research in environmental monitoring and methodology. 

Please stop by our booth to chat with us about the latest post-column developments and newest product testing solutions.  Or, even better, come find us at the New Technology Showcase on Tuesday, August 6th from 3:00 – 5:00 pm!  David will be joining other instrument manufacturers to discuss the latest innovations in analytical instrumentation. 

Finally, we’re excited to be included in this year’s selection of drinking water poster presentations!  David and Rebecca will gladly discuss our poster with you when we see you at the show.  For reference, it is titled: HIGHLY SENSITIVE ANALYSIS OF CHROMIUM (VI) IN DRINKING WATER BY ION CHROMATOGRAPHY (IC) WITH POST-COLUMN DERIVATIZATION AND UV/VIS DETECTION.

NEMC 2018 Report

Pickering Laboratories, Inc. exhibited at the National Environmental Monitoring Conference (NEMC) in New Orleans from August 6 to 10, 2018. We enjoyed the great posters and talks ranging from technical issues monitoring environmental samples to challenges with cannabis testing. We hosted a booth where we met new leads and supported some of our long-time customers. Handfuls of fidget spinners, cooling towels, emoji pens and of course our trustworthy calibrated rulers were gifted to attendees that stopped by. Rebecca Smith presented our poster about Glyphosate in Foods. The method abstract can be downloaded here. Also on display at our booth were handouts for our Product Testing Solutions product line.

Here’s David Mazawa, ready to discuss the latest post-column applications with show attendees:

It was great catching up with our customers and meeting some new people at the conference!  We hope everyone who attended enjoyed the technical talks and New Orleans food as much as we did.

The next NEMC meeting will be held in Jacksonville, Florida from August 5 to 9, 2019.  We’re looking forward to it!

NEMC 2013

Pickering Laboratories participated in the National Environmental Monitoring Conference in San Antonio, Texas from August 4-8.

niosita low res
Old San Antonio

Rebecca and Wendy were on-hand to share Pickering’s products with the environmental laboratories involved with the conference.  On display were the new FREESTYLE sample clean-up system and the Pinnacle PCX.

Some highlights of the conference included a new product by InnovaPrep, which will rapidly concentrate pathogens in liquid samples, and the 2-D GCMS analysis of POPs in human milk. There were also several interesting discussions about pesticide extraction and analysis as well as the use of Hydrogen as a carrier gas in GC (instead of Helium, for which there is currently a shortage).

The meeting was held at the Hyatt in downtown San Antonio on the Riverwalk. This area of town is full of history and interesting architecture. We were also located directly across the plaza from the Alamo.

alamo low res
Remember the Alamo