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Artificial Perspiration Buyers Guide

pt-home-image-2By David Mazawa

How do I choose the artificial perspiration that’s right for me?

Makers of smart watches, high performance textiles, biosensors, heads up displays, and fitness monitors all have one thing in common – the need to test their products for quality assurance. Personal electronics and wearable technology manufacturers perform sweat testing on materials including touch screens, watchbands, keyboards, eyeglasses, and any other product material or surface that would benefit from guaranteed reproducible results with artificial perspiration. By using Pickering Laboratories’ artificial eccrine perspiration, our customers are able to save time and ensure the same repeatable results anywhere, anytime.

Normally,a sweat mimic is prepared at the time of the test according to an industry specific formula. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) describes procedures to test many products in the presence of a sweat mimic. According to Michael Pickering, Founder/Owner of Pickering Laboratories, “we were guided by the multiplicity of such tests to develop an artificial perspiration that can yield reproducible results independent of the test.”

Pickering Artificial Eccrine Perspiration is the closest mimic available to acld--perspiration-grouptual eccrine perspiration, and we prepare two versions. The stabilized version has a preservative which prevents microbial growth and can then be stored at room temperature. The non stabilized version has no preservative and must be kept frozen until you intend to use it. You may need this version if you are testing a product that claims to prevent microbial growth or odor from perspiration. Our Artificial Eccrine Perspiration normally comes at pH 4.5, however, we can make it custom from pH 3.0 – 9.0.

1700-0020 – Sweat, Stabilized 1700-0022 – Sweat, Not Stabilized
1700-0021 – Sweat, custom pH, Stabilized 1700-0023 – Sweat custom pH, Not Stabilized

Are you required to follow a specific testing method? If so, we may already carry the exact artificial perspiration formula for that particular method. If you don’t see it on this list, please contact us with a copy of your method and we will investigate making it for you.

Testing Methods:
ISO 3160
ISO 105-B07
AATCC Test Method 15
ISO 1164
ISO 12870
DN 53160-2
BS EN 1811

Please email us at or call (650) 694-6700 with any questions you may have.

Our Product Testing Solutions products can now also be found on!

David Mazawa
Technical Support Chemist

New! Product Testing Solutions

Pickering Laboratories Launches Product Testing Website

Building on the history of providing chemistry to the clinical and environmental market Pickering Laboratories has developed a line of Artificial Body Fluids for the Product Testing market.

Manufacturers of consumer and medical products test for compatibility with human fluids for safety as well as durability.  Multiple standard organizations specify the composition of these artificial body fluids for effective testing protocols. Pickering Laboratories developed the artificial perspiration, saliva and urine to these specifications for reliable and consistent product testing regimes.ld--perspiration-group

In 2009 Pickering Laboratories started offering artificial Perspiration at the request of Crime Science Incorporated a distributor of Law enforcement products. They wanted to provide an artificial perspiration product used as a control for finger print analysis called SwetCheck. Since then products as diverse as credit cards, textiles, eye glasses, guitar strings, electronics, cosmetics and more have requested the official specified solutions for their product testing needs. We continue to develop additional new solutions to requested standards

To better serve this market Pickering Laboratories is launching a website specifically for product testing solutions:

Product testing solutions are manufactured to official standards of ASTM, ACCTC, ISO, DIN as well as offering the most complete artificial perspiration available on the market today.