Chromatography Quiz #38 – Troubleshooting High Pressure

Chromatography Quiz #37—Get to know the Onyx PCX—Winners

Pickering Labs would like to congratulate all of our winners for our previous newsletter’s Chromatography Quiz:

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Josiah Hakala from Minnesota Department of Health, Jim Balk from Nebraska Public Health Environmental Lab, Tom Schneider from Suffolk County Water Authority, and Narjes Ghafoori from Los Angeles County Public Health Laboratory.

Winners will soon receive a Dick’s Sporting Goods eGift Card ($100 value)!!! We hope this helps kick off an awesome start to their summer fun in the sun.

Congratulations to our quiz winners!

Thank you all for your submissions!

Chromatography Quiz #38 – Troubleshooting High Pressure

Correctly identify the source of the blockage and win a prize! Simply email your answer and your full contact information to Rebecca at by July 30, 2021 in order to win. You will receive email confirmation when your submission is received, and the troubleshooting answer and winner congratulations will be published in the next issue (to be anonymous, please notify Rebecca in submission).

Troubleshooting a High-Pressure Shutdown

Scroll down or click Troubleshooting a High-Pressure Shutdown to view a more accessible PDF.

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