Introducing the Onyx PCX!

By Rudy Suez

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As the end of the year approaches, the leaves change colors and the days get shorter, here at Pickering Laboratories we are preparing for some exciting changes in our own familiar climate. We’re all extremely proud and excited about our next big release, the Onyx PCX. The Onyx PCX is our sleek next generation upgrade to the Pinnacle PCX that many of you are familiar with, and it delivers the same seamless operation and optimized analysis each and every time you run a sample. The Onyx PCX is the newest addition to our integrated family of post-column derivatization instruments, chemistry and support instrumentation.

The Onyx PCX is amazingly simple and intuitive, producing results you can rely on. The Onyx PCX’s reliable performance, elegant design, ease of use, and minimal maintenance make it the optimal Post-column system for research and analytical testing laboratories, as well as pharmaceutical and biotech companies. The Onyx PCX is capable of connecting to an array of HPLC units to meet your testing needs. Pickering Laboratories still offers the only instrumentation optimized for the analysis of Amino Acids, Carbamates, Glyphosate, Mycotoxins, Antibiotics and many other applications.

Pickering Laboratories commitment to quality and providing customers with technical solutions means we maintain a robust application-specific quality system, testing every instrument and consumable exactly as our customer will be using our products.  It also means we pride ourselves in being a leader in innovation by developing, producing, and delivering safe, effective, high quality post-column instruments and consumables that meet or exceed our customer expectations, on time, every time. We achieve these objectives through our chemists’ precision and expertise as well as adopting industry best practices and operating in the spirit of continuous improvement. 

Lastly, at Pickering Laboratories we are well aware that our success is derived from the mutual respect and support from our industry peers and long-time customers. So, thank you! We appreciate all of your feedback during the last decade; you have directly impacted our Onyx PCX instrument improvements.  To learn more about how the Onyx PCX differs from the Pinnacle PCX, please read David’s article where he discusses exactly that! 

To learn more about the new Onyx PCX please consider reading our exciting new brochure!