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Introducing the Onyx PCX!

By Rudy Suez

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As the end of the year approaches, the leaves change colors and the days get shorter, here at Pickering Laboratories we are preparing for some exciting changes in our own familiar climate. We’re all extremely proud and excited about our next big release, the Onyx PCX. The Onyx PCX is our sleek next generation upgrade to the Pinnacle PCX that many of you are familiar with, and it delivers the same seamless operation and optimized analysis each and every time you run a sample. The Onyx PCX is the newest addition to our integrated family of post-column derivatization instruments, chemistry and support instrumentation.

The Onyx PCX is amazingly simple and intuitive, producing results you can rely on. The Onyx PCX’s reliable performance, elegant design, ease of use, and minimal maintenance make it the optimal Post-column system for research and analytical testing laboratories, as well as pharmaceutical and biotech companies. The Onyx PCX is capable of connecting to an array of HPLC units to meet your testing needs. Pickering Laboratories still offers the only instrumentation optimized for the analysis of Amino Acids, Carbamates, Glyphosate, Mycotoxins, Antibiotics and many other applications.

Pickering Laboratories commitment to quality and providing customers with technical solutions means we maintain a robust application-specific quality system, testing every instrument and consumable exactly as our customer will be using our products.  It also means we pride ourselves in being a leader in innovation by developing, producing, and delivering safe, effective, high quality post-column instruments and consumables that meet or exceed our customer expectations, on time, every time. We achieve these objectives through our chemists’ precision and expertise as well as adopting industry best practices and operating in the spirit of continuous improvement. 

Lastly, at Pickering Laboratories we are well aware that our success is derived from the mutual respect and support from our industry peers and long-time customers. So, thank you! We appreciate all of your feedback during the last decade; you have directly impacted our Onyx PCX instrument improvements.  To learn more about how the Onyx PCX differs from the Pinnacle PCX, please read David’s article where he discusses exactly that! 

To learn more about the new Onyx PCX please consider reading our exciting new brochure!

Support Bulletin

by David Mazawa

Pinnacle PCX – End of Life Notice

Dear valued customer,

It is with a heavy heart that we stop production of the Pinnacle PCX post-column system. A myriad of production issues has led us to develop a replacement instrument. We have a limited number of new Pinnacle PCX components remaining that we can build with, so we plan to stop production on March 1, 2020 (while supplies last). However, we will have Pinnacle PCX replacement components available until January 2030 to support our customers’ ongoing maintenance and repair needs.

Onyx PCX – New and Improved Instrument 

We have taken this as an opportunity to improve on the Pinnacle PCX design! Our new instrument, the Onyx PCX, has the following improvements and highlights:


The color on the Onyx PCX was updated to be more modern and now the color gradient on the column compartment door mirrors its temperature gradient capability.


The Onyx PCX is slightly larger to allow easier access to the inner compartments. This makes assembly and maintenance easier and faster.

Reagent Tray

The Onyx PCX reagent tray is much larger and can now be used as secondary containment for the reagent bottles. In case of a spill, the reagent tray can hold much more liquid than the Pinnacle reagent tray. There are also handles for easy removal.


The new larger LCD shows more details of what the instrument is doing. This makes it easy to see the system’s status at a glance.


The Onyx PCX reactor is slightly smaller with more efficient heating and allows for field calibration by a trained engineer.

Pump and Valve Motors

The Onyx PCX Pump and Valve motors use different power than the Pinnacle PCX Pump and Valve motors. These are married to the board components and are not backwards compatible.

Column Compartment

No physical differences but we’ve enabled the Onyx PCX column heater to be calibrated in the field by a trained engineer.

Communication with PC

The Onyx PXC communicates exclusively via USB connection to the PC.


The Onyx PCX Control Software has a different look to match the new display.

User Journal

The new User Journal feature records method, sequence details, run times, changes, and error messages for audit compliance.

Contact Pickering Technical Support ( for any questions or contact our Customer Service Team ( with quotation requests.

2013 Pickering Laboratories North American Catalog

Our latest Catalog for North America is now available!

Click on the link to download the latest product Catalog from Pickering Laboratories, Inc.

Pickering Catalog:

Inside our catalog you will find a complete product listing for all instruments and consumables we currently have available. From Sample Cleanup to Post-Column Derivatization, to artificial Perspiration and Saliva, we hope you find something you will find useful!

Pickering Laboratories in 2013

By Wendy Rasmussen

In recent years, we have released several new products and applications, and with still more on the horizon, it occurred to me that now would be a great time to summarize the Pickering of today – our mindset and our wide variety of products & applications.

Acai Berries
Acai Berries

No longer are we simply the “Post-Column Company”. We are the “Automated-Sample Antioxidants” company.  Think of us as the new “super fruit.” The Acai berry, or perhaps the new Chia Seeds (incidentally, we do have a post-column application for the identification & quantitation of  Antioxidants in a variety of matrices).

We are still very active, and we as a company plan to be here for many years to come. We are still the company founded on chemistry and a desire to to teach, to spread our technical expertise, to support our customers.

It’s been a few years now since Pickering began distributing and supporting our LCTech Product line.  The products have shown an ever increasing interest here in the US and in Canada (our official Sales Territory for this product line). We are very proud to offer these products and we hope we can develop it further in the future.

Historically, we have provided the back-end of an analysis (post-column derivatization). Nowadays, we can provide the front-end of analysis as well (the sample-cleanup).

In thinking about our product offerings, I realized that a simple list does not effectively show the scope of the products we have to offer in 2013 – primarily because we have a lot of overlap between products and product lines.  We’re not a vertical company in that regard.  I suppose one could say our product offerings are more circular in that many do not fall into a single distinct category.  I am a very visual person, and for me, a Venn diagram and our overall “product scale” really helped to understand and clarify our products:

Venn Diagram of Pickering Laboratories
Venn Diagram of Pickering Laboratories
General "Product Scale" for Pickering Offerings
General “Product Scale” for Pickering Offerings
For those of who like lists, you can find one Here, on Pickering’s website, and on LCTech’s Website

For any Questions, please feel free to contact us:

Pickering Laboratories, Inc.
Mountain View, California
Phone: (direct) 650-694-6700 or (toll-free) 800-654-3330


Image of Acai Berries:

Pickering Exhibits at Pittcon 2013

This year’s Pittcon was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from March 17-21, 2013.

view of philly from the museum On display were Pinnacle PCX, EluVAC, and a video of the FREESTYLE Automated Sample Preparation Instrument.  The video was a new technique for us, and it was well received.

The video in our booth was a combination of the separate videos for each module of the FREESTYLE Automated Sample Preparation Instrument. You can view the originals here (they are very informative, and we highly recommend them): FREESTYLE VIDEOS

Wendy, Mike and David enjoyed visiting with existing and future customers, as well as our distributors from around the world, including our Canadian distributor, Chromatographic Specialties.

Before the show opened, we had the opportunity to explore the city.  Philadelphia is one of our oldest cities and is full of history and landmarks. Some of this editor’s favorites include Independence Hall and the surrounding neighborhoods, and the Art Museum (see more below).  On this trip, we explored Reading Terminal Market, and sampled that famous cuisine, the Philly Cheese steak Sandwich. I’m told it is not truly a Philly Steak sandwich unless you have it with Cheez Whiz. Any type of real cheese doesn’t count. I made that mistake on my first trip to Philadelphia, and the man behind the counter let me know it!  I wasn’t about to make that mistake again:

philly cheesesteak

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is known for its amazing collection of artwork (viewed on a previous visit), but is also made famous by the scene of Sylvester Stallone running up the stairs in the movie Rocky.  Since the author of this entry happened to be training for a race, she decided that a little cold wasn’t going to stop her. So she put on her iPod (Rocky Theme playing, of course), and ran from the hotel to the top of the steps and back (total distance: about 2.8miles).

view from the bottom

wendy philly top of steps

wendy rockyOn the return to the hotel, I came across a version of the LOVE sculpture, by American Artist Robert Indiana. I always thought it was was much bigger…

love sculpture


For those of you interested in learning more about the sculpture, click HERE

If you’re ever in Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is definitely worth a visit.

But if you can’t make the trip to Philadelphia, you could also stay home and watch Rocky…

New! FREESTYLE Series Instrumentation

Pickering Laboratories introduced the Freestyle™ Sample Clean-up workstation from LCTech at this year’s AOAC International meeting in New Orleans.  Building on the success of the GPC Ultra product line of Gel Permeation Chromatography systems,  the FREESTYLE™Series  is an innovative design adding new time saving features to the automated sample clean-up work flow.

The Freestyle™ begins with:

  • FREESTYLE Basic, which has an XYZ robotic arm for automated liquid handling; dilutions, additions, mixing, extraction, dispensing, and other operations.
  • Add the GPC module for GPC processing of up to 4 GPC columns. 
  • Add to this the SPE module to enable SPE processing. 
  • Add the EVA module for programmable evaporation and solvent exchange for a completely automated in-line evaporation instrument.
Flexibility of the system starts with the suspended rack design. The system can handle multiple vial shapes from 1mL to 1000mL.

The FREESTYLE™software is drag and drop to program multiple sample parameters and able to handle exceptions to insert into the workflow. Graphical reporting and full audit logs round out the robust software.

The FREESTYLE™ automation of sample clean-up saves time, improves consistency and protects your staff from potentially harmful chemical exposure.

Send us an email or give us a call to find out how FREESTYLE™ can solve your sample clean-up challenges. 

Phone: Toll-free: 800-654-3330, Direct: 650-694-6700

New Products and Applications Unveiled at Pittcon

By Mike Gottschalk

This year’s Pittcon in Orlando, Florida (Feb 28 – March 5) will be an exciting event for Pickering Laboratories when new instruments and applications will be rolled out.

Pickering Laboratories continues to bring new products and improvements to the analytical market with the new line of Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC), Mycotoxin, and Classic post-column derivatization products.

GPC QuattroA new addition to the GPC line is the GPC Quattro; a manual GPC clean-up system that has 4 columns for simultaneous operations of 4 different applications or high throughput of the same applications.

Immunoaffinity column processing gets some help with the introduction of AcceCLEANAcceCLEAN™; an automated system for Immunoaffinity columns holding 30 columns for unattended operation.

For the detection of Aflatoxin by photochemical reaction the UVE™ reactor is the best designed product available. Recognized for exceptional design and ease of use the UVE™ is fast becoming the leading product in this area.

A new Column protection system for Cation-exchange HPLC applications will be unveiled exclusively at Pittcon this year.

The new GARD™ manufactured by Pickering Laboratories is a substantial improvement over the standard packed guards. The new GARD™ adds little pressure, is invisible to the chromatography, and has substantially more capacity for strongly retained compounds that can foul the analytical column.

GARD and Holder

Photo: GARD and Holder

Amino Acid Analysis is faster than ever with 2 new columns for the Pinnacle PCX. The 30 minute sodium run and 70 minute lithium run provide exceptional separation and selectivity at faster run times.

New Post-column derivatization applications include Voglibose and Alendronic Acid to the family of Pickering Laboratories’ validated methods. If Pickering Labs validates a method it is guaranteed to work!

Visit us in booth 2368 at Pittcon for full details.