Party Time – Launching the Onyx PCX!

By Rudy Suez

As an avid craft beer drinker, it is not often that I partake in lighter, bubblier drinking options.  But I made an exception last week as I joined the rest of the Pickering Laboratories staff in a champagne toast to celebrate our big milestone.

It’s a festive season and hopefully as you read this, you’re preparing to huddle around the dinner table with family and friends for the holidays. At Pickering last week, we kicked off December by huddling around our very first Onyx PCX instrument leaving the production floor!

As you can see from our faces, it’s like we are kids opening presents again… but instead of unwrapping our first bike we are unveiling our newest Post-column instrument, the Onyx PCX.

We couldn’t have asked for a better send-off for our customer’s Onyx PCX – it spent the day before shipping surrounded by champagne, cookies and chocolate croissants, as well as plenty of smiles and high fives!!! We are absolutely thrilled to wrap up this extended product development project and see the instrument hit the open market. I can’t help but wonder who will be next customer to order this amazing instrument? Will it be you?! I hope so.

Lastly, as we celebrate this momentous occasion, we also know that as a small company, we could not have done this alone. Therefore, our team wants to make sure we thank all of the contract engineers and consultants that have worked so hard with us, past and present, to bring the project to completion. Without their support, we would never have been able to launch our new post-column instrument… and we think the Onyx PCX has turned out sleek and fabulous, if we do say so ourselves!

So, again, a big champagne cheers to the first production Onyx PCX!  And a bigger thank you all of our contributors, customers and future customers!