Pickering Laboratories at Pittcon 2012

The centerpiece of our Pickering Laboratories display at Pittcon 2012 in Orlando, Florida was the FREESTYLE robotic instrument.  Building on the success of the LCTech GPC Ultra sample clean-up instrument,  the completely re-designed FREESTYLE sample clean-up workstation was on view at Pittcon this year. Notable features include an automated liquid handling robot arm, modules for both SPE and GPC, the powerful EVAporation module for online concentration in one package.

 “The FREESTYLE is the culmination of the best of our previous versions and new technology to bring the best automated sample clean-up platform available in the market today “ said Michael Baumann, President of LCTech Germany and manufacturer of the Freestyle.

Laboratory Equipment Magazine was on hand to video tape Mike Gottschalk, VP of Marketing with Pickering Laboratories – highlighting the laboratory productivity and analysis products shown at Pittcon this year:

The Freestyle is a powerful productivity tools for sample clean-up in any high throughput laboratories.

For labs needing Lab-scale sample Clean-up, Pickering Laboratories offers several instruments also on view at Pittcon. The GPC Quattro system enables 4 GPC columns to run simultaneously either all with the same method or with 4 different programs thus providing 4x the productivity of a single column system!

For SPE and Immunoaffinity column processing the EluVac vacuum chamber offers 1 to 20 columns in one setup. With a unique feature that provides these multiple columns to be loaded then washed, and then eluted into the collection vials in one setup just by rotating the cover.  These instruments and columns from Pickering Laboratories provide instruments and consumables for sample clean-up processing. See Wendy Rasmussen demonstrate the EluVac:

Pickering Labs continues to invest in method development for post column-derviatization analysis. The latest new area of focus is the herbal supplement market newly regulated by the FDA. Recently published are methods for Antioxidants in Supplements, Theanine in Tea and Aflatoxin in Spices, coffee and chocolate.
See the complete line of sample clean-up and analysis products on our website: www.pickeringlabs.com