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Analytical Chemistry Market Development in China

By Mike Gottschalk

November 20, 2014 – Hangzhou China. Pickering executives present to Ameritech’s Marketing Communications and Customer appreciation Meeting.ameritech meeting 2

Ameritech is the largest distributor of Pickering Laboratories products in the world today. With 4 offices in China; Beijing, Tianjin, Hangzhou and Guangzhou. Together they supply the Chinese Agricultural Ministries and Regional governmental authorities with the Analytical Products from Pickering Laboratories. In fact the Chinese Agricultural Ministries regulation on Carbamate Analysis specifically requires Pickering Laboratories instrumentation. As the Chinese economy modernizes so does the analytical chemistry infrastructure to support the growing aspirations of the Chinese people.DSC_010285 customers from all over China and 20 Ameritech employees participated in the two day presentations from Pickering Labs. Mike Gottschalk, Vice President of Marketing presented the history of the Ameritech and Pickering Laboratories collaboration that spans 23 years. Ameritech yearly sales have increasing each year reflecting the incredible growth of the Chinese acceptance of the testing protocols for Carbamates and Glyphosate.

Wendy Rasmussen, Director of Sales presented an in depth exploration of the Pinnacle PCX and Vector PCX Post-Column Derivatization instrumentation along with application-specific details. The Pinnacle PCX and the Vector PCX are designed to optimize the combination of Pickering Labs columns, reagents and instrumentation to enable remarkable analysis that no other company can copy.

“We visit China on a regular basis to support the incredible growth in China. Ten years ago there we masses of bicycles in the street , today only cars. The economy has grown that much during that time.”, said Wendy Rasmussen. She went on to describe the natural progression of market growth in china. “Herbal supplement applications is a new and developing market in the United States with so much of the raw materials coming from China. As the regulations in the US develop, the analytical testing in China grow to match.”

Before traveling to Hangzhou, we were fortunate to have a long layover in Shanghai:shanghai at night 5shanghai from 100th floor4

Calculation of Whey Protein Fraction in Milk-Based Infant Formula

A method for the calculation of whey protein fraction in milk-based formula products was developed and validated by a group of researchers from Abbott Nutrition, Covance Laboratories and AOAC International. The method is based on calculating the ratio of (Asx + Ala)/(Pro+Phe) determined from the amino acid profile of the hydrolyzed sample.

The method was approved as AOAC Official First Action Method 2012.07 and is appropriate for accessing compliance with whey content requirements of GB 10765-2010 (National Food Safety Standard Infant Formula)*. It is applicable to finished products containing both intact and partially hydrolyzed whey proteins.

According to this method, the Amino Acid Profile of hydrolyzed samples is determined using cation-exchange chromatography with post-column derivatization and UV/Vis detection. The researchers used Pickering Laboratories post-column derivatization system, our patented Trione Ninhydrin reagent and Pickering Sodium analytical column and buffers.

The method performance was evaluated using non-fat dry milk and products with whey levels from 32% to 63%, including NIST Infant Formula Standard Reference Material. The repeatability ranged between 0.3 and 2.5 %, while intermediate precision were between 2.6 and 3.4%. Average recoveries ranged from 97 to 100%.

The unmatched accuracy and precision of amino acid analysis by HPLC with post-column derivatization allowed the researches to develop a robust mathematical model for calculating whey protein fraction that can be successfully applied to a wide range of products. This proved once again that post-column derivatization analysis of amino acids is still a method of choice for laboratories that require highly accurate results.

Pickering Laboratories offers a total solution for amino acids analysis, including post-column derivatization systems, reagents, columns, buffers and standards.

The reference to the published study is below. The First Action Official Method 2012.07 can also be found online at

Calculation of Whey Protein Fraction in Milk-Based Infant Formula: First Action 2012.07

Authors: Wesley Jacobs, Paul Johns, Phillip Haselberger, Joseph J. Thompson, Darryl Sullivan, Steve Baugh.

Source: Journal of AOAC International, Volume 96, No. 3, 2013, pp. 502-507


(*) this is a Chinese Standard

Pickering Participates in BCEIA 2011 in Beijing, China

By David Mazawa
Beijing, outside of Exhibition Center
The Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis was held on October 12-15, 2011 at the Beijing Exhibition Center. This biennial exhibition is sponsored by the China Association for Instrumental Analysis and supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. The BCEIA is 3 days long, because it will take you a full three days to cover all 17,000m² of exhibition space. 

The Beijing Exhibition Center became a bustling city of exhibitors and guests from all over the world showcasing instruments from the fields of Electron Microscopy & Material Sciences, Mass Spectrometry, Optical Spectroscopy, Chromatography, Magnetic Resonance, Electroanalytical Chemistry, Analytical Techniques in Life Science and Environmental Analysis.

BCEIA Exhibition Hall

David and Ameritech in Tianjin City
David and Tegent
I traveled to China to support our distributors that represented Pickering Laboratories at the BCEIA. I gave training to Ameritech in their Tianjin office and to Tegent in their Shanghai office. 
Both distributors have been working with Pickering Laboratories for many years and are completely capable of supporting our post-column instruments and applications. Their hospitality was incredible and I look forward to visiting them again in the near future.

Feel free to contact either Ameritech or Tegent for sale inquiries in China.

The Great Wall of China

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